Saturday, June 04, 2005

Retards Discover KAR...

...And think that this is something sinister (ergo, they are retards).

Yes, we've made the bigtime: we were drooled upon by the drooling masses that inhabit the Randi Rhodes message board (yes! there is one. Apparently DU isn't dumbed-down enough for some people).

Thanks for visiting. Have some flan. Now go away.

Relevant thread here:

"Money" quote (after copy and pasting my entire post - a cease and desist / copyright violation letter is on its way to Randi Rhodes):

What a bunch of slime bags!
Do the mods here post peoples IP addresses etc?
I'd give them a taste of their own medicine if I knew how.

I'm betting that what this fool doesn't know could fill the Pacific basin.

The funniest part about it is that I NEVER said that I'd be publishing IP addresses. I said I would ban them from commenting.

Oh, and by the way, KAR is not a message board like Dumbshit Central over there - its a blog. I could take off commenting altogether if I wanted to, like the similarly honored Fraters Libertas (check your e-mail with the cursor poised over the "delete spam" button, guys) If I did, I sure Dumbass McLoser here would be contacting the ACLU. Because, dagnabbit, he has a RIGHT to insult me on my blog.

Drooling moron.

Oh, and the rezident moonbat who noticed us: take a look at her stats here:

I direct your attention to this stat:

Since December 24, 2004 she has 1,930 posts to this message board, which breaks down to 12 per day.

Nice life.

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