Thursday, June 02, 2005

SHOCKER: Gillette Legal Woes Call Prominent Blogger's Cred Into Question

A couple of months ago, The Elder at Fraters Libertas discovered Gillette's new vibrating razor, the Mach 3 Power. He enthusiastically praised this new wonder technology and set off a fad known as "razor blogging". Here are some things Elder had to say about the GM3P at the time:

And oh how it vibrates. The folks at Gillette truly have taken it to the next level with this little honey. The three blades trim your whiskers as effortlessly as an opposing quarterback slicing and dicing the Vikings secondary, while the vibrating handle creates the sensation of a gentle massage. Shaving really doesn't get much better.


I've been using my Mach 3 Power Razor for over two months now and it rocks. Now only does it provide the cleanest shave I've ever had, the blades seem to last much longer than other triple bladed razors.

Soon, this razorblogging fad swept the internet, ultimately reaching the blogosphere's top rung - the Traffic Sugar Daddy known as Instapundit.

Then there were those of us, befuddled by the the whole craze surrounding something so trite as writing about shaving implements. We let our dismay be known, only to be smacked down:

Now that Glen Reynolds is discovering the power of razorblogging, perhaps it's time for those who mocked our interest in the topic to eat some crow. I believe that LF is becoming quite familiar with the flavor.

Familiar with the flavor indeed. I'm sure it's a flavor similar to that of the moldy cheese that the Governor of Minnesota feeds his monkeys.

I gave razorblogging a try, but alas, I found myself unable to be Gillette's monkey.

Which brings me to this, in the news today (via Drudge):

ST. LOUIS - Gillette Co. ads claiming its M3Power razor raises hair up and away from the skin are "unsubstantiated and inaccurate," a federal judge said in siding with Gillette's chief competitor, Schick-Wilkinson Sword.

U.S. District Judge Janet C. Hall in Connecticut granted Schick a preliminary injunction prohibiting the use of the television and print ads. Gillette was also ordered to change packaging for the product and remove in-store displays that feature the false claims.

Wednesday's ruling said the depiction in Gillette advertising was "greatly exaggerated" and "literally false."

So, the feature of this "cool new razor" that is supposed to be a vast improvement over those analog razors that us fossils use is a demonstrable fraud. And even though Elder claims that M3P provides a massaging sensation to the hand, this was never a selling point of the product. I believe that Gillette hyped the M3P as a razor that would give a cleaner closer shave by virtue of the hair-lifting ability that the razor's vibrations provide. I saw no advertising slogan that read "Makes your hands feel kooky!"

Ergo, Elder's claims that the M3P provides the "cleanest shave" he ever had, are fraudulent.

And while the the lid has now been blown off of Razorbloggergate; now that Elder's cozy relationship with Big Razor has been exposed; there are many questions that Elder must answer - questions informed by last election season's revelations that some political campaigns paid bloggers to shill for them:

-How much did Gillette pay The Elder to shill its false propaganda?

- Was Glenn Reynolds in the loop all along?

- Does The Elder actually need to shave? I mean, can he even grow facial hair? He does look kind of young.

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