Wednesday, June 29, 2005

So I'll Do My Wash In The Sink

The Strib says shutting down the state won't save money at all:

State officials estimate it would take more than six months of an extended shutdown before the state would realize any savings, and even then, the loss of state services would not be worth it.

"That's kind of like the laundry business down the street saving money by shutting their door and laying everybody off. Yeah, you save money, but you can't get your laundry done, either," said Cal Ludeman, commissioner of the Department of Employee Relations, which is coordinating the shutdown proceedings.


Let's assume for a moment a bureaucrat is going to give us the straight scoop about...the bureaucracy.

So what? This isn't happening because anyone is trying to save money. It's happening because the DFL can't fathom going another session without raising taxes - and then wants to paint Pawlenty's (misguided, dumb) attempts to meet them halfway as waffling.

The best analogy I can think of - they're trying to charge you for your cake and smear it on your suit jacket.

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