Wednesday, June 01, 2005

This round goes to Larry Sommers

Researchers at Harvard’s School of Public Health have proven Harvard President Larry Sommers correct in his assertion that, and I paraphrase, chicks ain’t got it when it comes to science.

With Carrie Carpenter in the lead, the whizzes behind the ivy-covered walls have figured out…are you ready for this…hold on to your hats…

Tobacco companies targeted females. (GASP)

Can you believe it? A legal company selling a legal product actually tried to “lure” prospective customers to their brand.

CC says: "They did so much research in such a sophisticated way," she said. "Women should know how far the tobacco industry went to exploit them." Carpenter said there is no evidence that suggests tobacco companies have stopped targeting women. "Without regulation from government agencies, we don't know what they're doing today," she added.

Spare me the histrionics you sanctimonious twit.

One would have to be profoundly stupid (see Larry Sommers comments) to need a study to inform them that tobacco companies – like any other company - target their prospects.

And lay off the victim routine, Carrie: Their research was “sophisticated” and “exploited” the unfortunate, unsuspecting, self esteem-craving woman. We don’t know what they’re doing today without government watching them.

Put on the tinfoil had Carrie, it’s your only defense against the evil, evil marketers who study your habits and create advertising that forces you to buy their products.

We know all about you, Carrie. We know all about what you buy and how often.

If you knew half of what other industries know from conducting years of “sophisticated” research, your pretty little head would explode, my dear.

And just how bad is it, really? This exploitation you so decry? Let’s do the math.

Total documents examined +7,000,000 (that’s a lot of reading)
Total documents focusing on women +320

After a little division we find that approximately 0.005% of the documents deal with luring women. That’s a bit more than 10 per year for the 31 year period studied.

Hardly worth the effort.

I think our dear Cindy has too much time on her hands. To be complaining about something that should be obvious to any rational being and to compound the by playing the role the victim.

I also think Larry Sommers was on to something: Chicks and science don’t mix.

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