Sunday, June 12, 2005

Who do you believe?

I am about at the end of my rope when it comes to MSM coverage of ALLEGED Quran (I always thought it was Koran?! Oh well, it will be spelled differently in a week anyway.) abuse at Guantanamo Bay. The thing that really put it over the edge for me was a letter to the editor at the Star Tribune the other day in which the writer expressed his disgust at the arrogant way the U.S. has acted since 9/11, including the acts of Quran desecration at Gitmo.

There you have it. The birth of another useful idiot. As far as I have heard, these allegations are just that - allegations. It might surprise some of those who are so disgusted and appalled by the alleged mistreatment of Islam's holy book to learn that a part of Al Qaida training involves claiming either physical or mental abuse, and Quran desecration should one become captive. Why is this tactic effective? Because Al Qaida knows that it will have an all too willing and eager accomplice in the Western press. Want Newsweek to come beating down your cell door for an interview? Claim someone flushed your Quran down the toilet. By the way, I want to know where to get a toilet that can do that to a Quran. I have a house that was built in 1999, and the toilets clog if you look at them incorrectly. None of that 'low flow' stuff down in Cuba!

It all comes down to who are you going to believe. On the one hand, you have accounts and allegations of this type of abuse and desecration being reported in the media, even after Newsweek admitted that one of the stories was a complete fabrication. I still see one news report per night in which some Democrat senator is calling for Guantanamo Bay to be shut down. You might think a responsible media would be a little skeptical about similar charges after one of their own was duped so blatantly. All I can conclude is that these dopes are carrying water for the terrorists. Realize again that it is in Al Qaida's best interest to be portrayed as the victim here, and that members are given training as to how to manipulate the media. Why would any self-respecting and credible news organization (sorry CBS) want to play the lackey for Osama Bin Laden? Why? Because they hate George Bush more than they hate the terrorists.

On the other hand, you have the U.S. military. They have denied that there is any sort of systemic abuse, or even a problem with individual acts of Quran desecration at Gitmo. Indeed, there does not seem to be any evidence to the contrary either. Does anyone remember the flap over the fake documents and Bush's National Guard service? No evidence of any wrong-doing, but plenty of people, including Dan Rather who basically said "Well if it isn't true, it oughta be!" This seems like the same type of thing. Remember; to the Democrats and the MSM, it is no longer about the strength of the evidence, it's about the gravity of the charge.

Do you believe fanatical, human-hating, 17th century psychopaths and the Western press? Or do you believe the U.S. military?

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