Friday, July 29, 2005

Air America celebrates…wealth?

I may be the only one, but I found the announcement of the Air America Minnesota Party on the Bluff to be quite the ironic twist. Here we have a group of blow hard lefties who rant and rave against the rich throwing a party at the Estates of Diamond Bluff where empty lots start at $70K and reach damn near half-a-million.

I wonder if they’re paying for the remote with donations from the Boys and Girls Clubs.

Here’s how the Estates web page describes their community:

Diamond Bluff offers the lifestyle many strive for, but seldom attain. Located on a 300-foot-high bluff overlooking the Mississippi River, you'll enjoy breathtaking views and sunsets. And the wonders of nature are just outside your door. Large wooded lots accommodate homes as big as your dreams and are also home to many species of wildlife. In addition, they provide the privacy you crave. So come live where eagles soar at eye-level … at Estates of Diamond Bluff.

Many strive, but few attain – yep, that fits right into the egalitarian mold of Dead Air America Leftism. Assuming you are the keeper of the mold. After all, it was the big shots in the Kremlin who got all the goodies – and so it is for the hosts at Out of Air America (OOAA).

And here we have the ultimate in dilemmas for our leftie friends: Declaration of Protective Covenants Diamond Bluff Prairie Estates Homeowners’ Association.

Can you imagine the mental gymnastics Nick Boy, Wendy and the rest off the yahoos at OOAA must go through when deciding if such a document fits in their narrow paradigm?

The title alone reeks of money, but the concept – increased control over one’s personal life – is too good for a Socialist to pass up. Whatever shall they do?

Perhaps I’m being too cynical. Maybe Wendy Wilde (I think I saw her in an adult movie once) will spend her show time chastising the good folks who destroy nature by cutting down the trees, building the homes and living in them.

Then again, a nonmonkey might fly out of my butt.

As long as they don’t have fun, and there’s little chance of fun being on the docket, I guess it’s ok.

‘Cmon Lefties, if you’re going to do a remote, take the show to your audience – a union hall, Oak Park Heights prison, or under an overpass (oops, was that too insensitive?). Find one of your highly niche special interest groups and have at it.

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