Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Air "America" Mind-Bendingly Brain Dead Inane Comment o' the Day

The unusually fertile NonMonkey returned to his "radio" "show" yesterday from his 2-week hiatus following the birth of his latest child, only to be called back to the homestead today. When explaining NM's absence to his "audience" today, the (presumably) carbon-based drone filling in for him made the following remarkably dull-witted remark:

We've just gotten a call asking why [NonMonkey] isn't on today. He decided that he was more needed at home, so he stayed there with his wife and new baby today. And that's great. That's a wonderfully Democratic and liberal thing to do - staying home with your wife and newborn.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Is there anything these whackos don't see through political lenses?

As we all know, the Rebublican, conservative thing to do after just having a baby is to immediately go back to the office and get hummers from an intern.

I'm sure KAR readers can come up with other "wonderfully Democratic and liberal" things to do. Have at it.

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