Thursday, July 07, 2005

Analogy Causes Leftist Drivel to Disappear in a Puff of Logic

Remember how, after 9/11 all the moonbats were wringing their hands, imploring us to try to understand how "we" brought such a horrible attack on ourselves?

With the dust barely settled in London, that familiar Kool Aid addled refrain appears to be in its first rumblings again.

So America's liberation of Kuwait and her unwavering friendship with Israel provoked Islamo-fascist looney-toons to slaughter innocent civilians in large numbers. And Britain's current involvement in Iraq justified today's bloodshed.

Nutshell-wise, do I have that correct?

OK. Fair 'nuff.

Then who, pray tell, is to blame for provoking noted Christian right-wing nutjob Timothy McVeigh to blow up a government building?

Or is only McVeigh to blame?

Get bent you lickknobs.

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