Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Another Reason to Like Iron Maiden

Dave the Ohligarch commenting on this post:

I saw them once, back in 1991 on the No Prayer For the Dying tour, during Operation Desert Storm. Someone in the front row handed Bruce [Dickinson] a very long banner. He looked at it, nodded his head, and hung it across the stacks of amplifiers for all to see. It said, SEND EDDIE TO F**K UP SADDAM. That got the biggest round of applause that night. I also remember Bruce introducing "Die With Your Boots On" by dedicating it to the troops and declaring that "If any Iron Maiden fans happen to be anti-war protestors, you can go f**k yourselves". What a great show. The music was good, too.

And with that, Ohligarchy goes on the "Rainbow of Flavaz" blogroll.

When Bruce Dickinson starts a blog, it will go on the blogroll as well.

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