Thursday, July 07, 2005

Calling all pacifists

So, you idiots who think killing those who want to kill you is wrong – WAMM being one of the biggest offenders (these women are freaks of the highest order. They don’t live in the same world as you and I.)– would you like to contact the Secret Organization Group of
Al-Qa'ida of Jihad Organization in Europe and begin negotiations on behalf of the people of Great Britain?

Will the pacifists ever learn that you can’t negotiate with someone who’s starting point is your complete annihilation. Hell no.

We all know they’ll be out in force by next week – if not in the next day or two – protesting any retaliation against the murderous pigs that killed so their fellow citizens.

I’m convinced that anyone who calls themselves a pacifist does so not because they hate violence of any kind, they do so because they are chicken-shits.

These morons would rather live under the thumb of an Islamic Theocracy than fight for their own freedom.

If they had the choice between being executed and turning in their neighbor for practicing Christianity they would opt for the latter.

What kind of nutcases would put the following in their mission statement, “Since September 11, 2001, WAMM has been focused on opposing the “war on terrorism” in all its forms…”

“All its forms” can has to include killing the bastards that plotted the attacks in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania.

I hope to God the people of Great Britain don’t listen to the likes of these fools. This is not the time for calm negotiation.

It is a time for vengeance. It is a time to bring great carnage and death to the dirt-bag followers of Allah.

Praise God and pass the ammunition.

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