Thursday, July 21, 2005

EXCLUSIVE!!!! LearnedFoot Discovers How to Reverse Global Warming

I was inspired by a post at the HuffPo by that cutting-edge scientific mind and wife of the creator of Seinfeld, Laurie David. This bit got me thinking:

More carbon dioxide in the atmosphere now than in 400,000 years. The carbon stays in the atmosphere, acts like a warm blanket and holds in the heat. We are altering the weather. People are doing that. And unless we act now, it will only get worse.

"Act now" indeed! But how?

One other scientific fact makes the solution to this crisis obvious: when humans - or any other mammal for that matter - breathes, it inhales oxygen, but exhales...


The answer is clear: everybody has to stop breathing!

You folks, over there in Hollywood: you guys go first.

Or we can just slaughter all mammals.

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