Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Genuinely Clueless Air "America" Quote o' the Day

The carbon-based drone filling in for Nonmonkey today mused about why the Republicans were so "successful" in this last state legislative session.

[Here, LearnedFoot pauses to allow the laughter and hooting to abate.]

He concluded that this "success" was due to the Republican's ability to (Familiar Lefty Trope Warning!) control the message. Which lead this complete wiener to utter this doozy, comparing Minnesota Republicans to...

..the Chinese communists:

The reason that the communists have been able to hold onto power in China is because they control the message from the top down.

[Here, LearnedFoot's head explodes.]

The ChiCom's retention of power has nothing to do with:

* The fact that all other political parties are illegal.

* Dissenters to the party line are jailed or worse.

* Tanks. Lots and lots of tanks.

So I guess they do control the message. In a kind of violent and oppressive way.

Yes, the overriding factor is the message; which the Democrats aren't getting out; which is why they keep getting their asses handed to them.

Maybe they should get some tanks.

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