Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Keep on talking Barbara

Dead in the water is an apt description of today’s left. Howard Dean’s well-documented verbal diarrhea is now keeping company with the oral sewage of one Senator Barbara “Can I Get Any Stupider” Boxer of California.

Why do people vote for such morons? I mean its one thing to vote for someone who is your ideological equivalent. But to continue to vote for a woman, or man, who is so blatantly stupid as to say that if Roe v Wade is overturned “"It means a minimum of 5,000 women a year will die [from abortions].” defies logic.

But, then, defying logic is the one strength the Left has.

While I’m at it: this fool talks about moderation, which is code for “F-ing Liberal”: "She has been a powerful voice for moderation," Boxer said. "This is a philosophy her successor should embrace ...” while seeking to continue unfettered access to baby killing, “We cannot go back to the dark days. Roe must remain the law of the land."

One might be tempted to buy into the “moderate” bullshit if Babs had actually ever backed a bill that sought to put reasonable limits on abortions. A bill such as one that outlawed Partial Birth Abortion comes to mind.

I know, you lefties don’t like the term, so I’ll use the one you prefer, Intact Dilation and Extraction.

Partial Birth Abortion or Intact Dilation and Extraction, I can see why you prefer the latter. It’s so much more pleasant.
I’ve grown tired of the Lefties in the country benchmarking freedom on whether one can kill their unborn child.
The radicals are showing themselves and they are not on the Right.
I’m looking forward to the fight. I hope Frist has the balls for it.

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