Monday, July 11, 2005

Lefties 1/2 - Power Line 0

Just wanted to point out that this past Saturday was the 5-month anniversary of the post at Power Line that featured this cutting-edge piece of analysis:

A few weeks ago there was speculation that Zarqawi himself may have been captured--not, of course, for the first time. But the continued roll-up of the gang members closest to him suggests that either he has been captured and is giving up his colleagues, or, more likely, the net is steadily closing on him.

Then there's this piece of "news":

BRITAIN and America are secretly preparing to withdraw most of their troops from Iraq - despite warnings of the grave consequences for the region, the SUNDAY MAIL in UK is reporting.

The import of this is obvious: Bushitler and Secretary of Defense Donald Haliburton are planning on replacing the withdrawn troops with conscripts. All that hysterical prophesying of the reinstatement of the draft looks a little less ridiculous today.

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