Friday, July 29, 2005

Moonbats: Ready...Set...Hyperventilate!

State Senator Michele Bachmann - the objet d'obsession for a gaggle of crypto-lefty metro area jihadis - appeared at Keegans Pub last night. Residual Forces caught the event on film:.

That's Senator Bachmann talking with Mark Yost and David Strom. Quick, moonbats! Man the blogs! You must cover this breaking story!

I'm sure they will. The group that's been stalking Bachmann has been losing steam faster than Ashlee Simpson's drive for a Grammy, their traffic dropping down under 100 visits a day, about a quarter of what they were getting in April. They need a...(hahahahaha)...big....hahahahahahahaha...scoop..........

I can't keep a straight enough face to type.

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