Friday, July 15, 2005

More proof of the idiocy of the Left

I found this one linked at yesterday and wanted to respond, but thought it best to let things play out a bit.

The author, Anatole Kaletsky, should have waited before submitting this particularly stinky scrotum sweat.

His premise is simple, if not simplistic:

The most important conclusion to be drawn from the bombers’ banal backgrounds is that these killings should be treated as pure criminal acts with no political significance whatsoever.

But the four young Muslims who made a suicide pact and decided to take 60 Londoners with them, are best compared to the random psychopathic killers who shoot their way to brief notoriety in every advanced society from time to time.

[B]ut the worst act of terrorism in postwar Western history before September 11: the Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 people in 1995. Timothy McVeigh, the perpetrator, was, like the London bombers, a small-time loser who felt he was acting out of intense ideological and religious motives.

Talk about opening your pie hole too soon. If comrade Kaletsky is right, we would not be seeing headlines such as Chemist Caught in Cairo, and London-Pakistan Link Probed.

If the attacks were McVeigh-like in origin, just four wackos out to make a name for themselves, why, dear Anatole, are arrests being made in Cairo and inquiries in Pakistan.

Taking your theory to its ultimate conclusion, I can only assume you believe the 9/11/01 hijackings and attacks were purely coincidental. That it was four independent groups of soulless Muslims who just happened to have the same idea of killing as many infidels as possible.

You, Anatole, are a moron, a raving idiot whose spittle should be printed in newspapers across the world. Vapid reasoning like yours should not be limited to those in the UK, I want all the world to know how the Left thinks.

I truly believe yours is not an uncommon supposition. On the contrary, your vacuous beliefs are dominant on the Left and should be shouted loud and clear many times per day with the goal of letting all the world see how Leftist ideology will get them killed.

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