Monday, July 25, 2005

Moron Mail: Ask the Answer Man

Jane from St. Louis Park has a question for the KAR Answer Man:

Q: Arnold the crime-fighting pig ("Adios, Arnold, and well done," July 19), who was showered with honors he certainly deserved, is no different from the approximately 100 million pigs raised, abused and slaughtered in the United States every year in the living hell known as "factory farming."

Why should we be surprised that Arnold was "a prized protector"? Pigs are intelligent and loving animals that can be taught the same things that we teach dogs.

From a moral standpoint, why do we revere one pig while 100 million similar pigs are viewed as objects, things and food machines?

Jane Kolles, St. Louis Park

A: Because, Jane, PORK IS YUMMY!

And don't worry: I'm confident that at this very moment, Arnold is being converted into sweet apple wood-smoked bacony goodness.

[Homer] mmmmm... bacon! [/Homer]

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