Monday, July 25, 2005

Moron Mail Mania

The Star & Sickle is chock-full of good ones today, including this fecal-filled submission from Robert Rafn of Minneapolis which says, in part:

Either Rudolph should be referred to as a "terrorist" and a "Christian extremist," or the words "Islam" and "Muslim" should not be used in describing the London terrorists.

One problem with your statement, Robert...Eric Rudolf is not a Christian and, therefore, cannot be called a “Christian extremist.”

If you had bothered to follow the case, instead of relying on headlines and lead paragraphs, perhaps you would know that Rudolf “prefer[s] Nietzsche to the Bible.”

But if you paid attention you wouldn’t be a good Lefty. Nope, to remain in good standing with the US Kremlin you have charge ahead, unencumbered by facts, to denounce a Christian who isn’t really a Christian.

You, Robert are a moron of the highest order.

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