Monday, July 11, 2005

Moron Mail

You'll need to really peel back the layers of irony to get at this one:

Don't blame the geese

In response to the July 6 story "Canada geese making a honking mess": There is no such thing as a wildlife "problem" but human thinking makes it so. [I can see that you are not contributing to this problem of "human thinking", Nick. Good on ya'! -ed]

It is our own inability (or unwillingness) to live among other creatures that is the real issue. [You're right! Attention KAR readers: Throw out the ant traps and roach motels - the little critters have as much right to our kitchens as we do! -ed] Yet I've heard no one willing to take a big step back to reexamine the true cause of our discomfort.

Clinging to our safe, hypersterilized and artificially manicured city and suburban life, we are too removed from nature to realize that all the solutions proposed to reduce certain animal populations stem from a distorted sense of our place in the web of life.

Nicholas Coughlin, ***IRONY ALERT!!!!*** Minneapolis.

We, qua humans, have a "distorted sense of our place in the web of life". I can only assume that Nick thinks feels that "innocent," dumb animals hold no such distorted view. Therefore, I propose that Nick go invade a bear's den, roam with a pack of wolves, or swim around in areas of the ocean where sharks like to feed.

I am interested in finding out if their undistorted sense of their place in the web of life would prevent them from removing the nuisance invading their homes. Let me know what you find out, Granola Boy.

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