Friday, July 29, 2005

Moron Mail

Gloria Peck (who incidentally donated $1,550 to the Kerry campaign - quite a chunk o' change for a civil servant) writes to the Strib:

The July 28 editorial asks, "Where is the outrage?" I am outraged now! How can the American public be outraged when it is not fully informed by the news media?

The editorial details the FBI building files on Greenpeace, the ACLU and other organizations that oppose the Bush administration, just as the Nixon administration did. Why isn't this information on the front page?

I often get very important information from your editorials that I have never seen on the front page.

Gloria Peck, Golden Valley.

Let's summarize her argument: Americans are not outraged because media outlets like the Strib are not trumpeting certain stories that would provoke said outrage (presumably because they have been cowed by the Bush administration).

Reread that letter. Do you see the giant, gaping chasm of logic?

[LearnedFoot pauses to snicker.]

She is outraged.

By something she read in a Strib editorial.

Written by the same body people who decide which news to print, and where to print it.

And is puzzled as to why such "information" is not on the "front page".

Not to mention that she "gets" her "information" from the editorial page.

What does that tell you about the import or veracity of such information? It must be because the Strib is in the business of running interference for the Bush administration.

And aren't moonbats like noted Kerry campaign donor Gloria Peck always talking about how us wingnuts are living in a "cocoon" or "echo chamber" because of Fox News, talk radio, and, er, blogs? But people who get their "news" from the Strib's op-ed pages live in no such shell.

And I'm sure she thinks, as other moonbats do, that the Strib is a node of the right wing media, notwithstanding such courageous editorials.


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