Monday, July 04, 2005

MSM Continues to Ignore KAR...

...But Nihilist in Golf Pants got some ink today:

Blogger "Nihilist in Golf Pants" offers 11 reasons why DFLers decided to adjourn Friday without a budget deal, such as "legislating was cutting into their 'Real Life: Austin, Texas' viewing" and "depressed when they found out that despite the fact that they're senators, they won't be able to filibuster the nomination of Sandra Day O'Connor's replacement."

Let's tally the innacuracies in that paragraph.

For the Strib:

The "blogger" who wrote the quoted post was Sisyphus. The blog is Nihilist in Golf Pants.

For Sisyphus:

The show's name is, of course, "The Real World" not "Real Life".

New slogan for NIGP:

Nihilist in Golf Pants: Just as accurate as the Star Tribune.

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