Thursday, July 14, 2005

Nice Owls

Of all the issues facing the city, like an almost-record murder rate, why does the Minneapolis City Council give a flying fart about Hooters wanting to open a restaurant on Block E?

The indignation they and the mayor are displaying is hilarious.

And another thing, have any of the morons on the city council actually visited downtown recently? Obviously not:

[Council member Natalie] Johnson Lee said she doesn't think Block E is "the appropriate place for a Hooters" because it doesn't fit in the family/neighborhood image downtown tries to present.

Family/neighborhood image: What is this chick smoking? I’d like to know what her family does for fun. I

Council Member Gary Schiff, who was critical of the Hooters' recruitment effort two years ago, said he is dismayed. "It would just drag down the cachet of the entire property,"

Heaven forbid we should do anything that will drag down the area surrounding First Avenue.

Council Member Barbara Johnson said putting Hooters in Block E would be a disappointment because it's a "low-class" restaurant lacking in "good taste and civility."

Unlike The Hard Rock Café which represents all that is good and wholesome about Rock and Roll.

Mayor R.T. Rybak also is opposed: "It's a terrible idea and does not represent the values we want downtown."

Rybak said if the city has any leverage to block Hooters, he "will certainly use it."

Then there’s the always available Feminist Super Lawyer:

Lori Peterson, a Minneapolis lawyer who sued Hooters in about a dozen lawsuits alleging sexual discrimination and settled all out of court, had a lot to say.
"Their entire theme is to demean women, capitalize on their sexuality and turn them into caricatures," she said.

She likened Hooters to opening a restaurant that played on stereotypes of black people and catered to white customers, forcing the servers to "wear racist costumes and behave in a subservient ... manner."

Earth to Lori, it is the women who capitalize on their own sexuality and rake in big fat tips as a result.

And your analogy to a restaurant that makes black servers “behave in a subservient…manner” is simply ridiculous.

Pro Choice is the mantra, Lori. You’d do well to remember that outside of the issue of abortion.

For the love of God, is this city in such wonderful shape and the struggle for women’s rights so over that we have to worry about the most inane of issues?

Don't get your lace panties in a bunch. Relax and grab a chicken wing.

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