Saturday, July 16, 2005

Puke & Snot Screwing Up Minnesota?

I caught a portion of the Local Collaborative Radio Talk Show this afternoon. The topic of discussion in the show's third hour was: which persons were doing the most to screw up Minnesota? The hosts offered up all manner of solid choices, like Mike Hatch and, er, well, Mike Hatch. And up to a point, the callers pretty much nailed it as well.

Then "Paul" called in.

"Paul" is a moron.

"Paul's" nominee for one (actually two) of the 100 people screwing up Minnesota was...

The Rennaisance Festival comedy team "Puke and Snot".

Of all the people screwing up this state (and in this context, Nick Coleman counts as 10 people), this moron chooses two guys who come out in public six weekends per year to make poop jokes.

Like I said, "Paul" is a drooling moron.

I hope Nihilist in Golf Pants heard this segment. I would love to see him skewer "Paul" the moron (perhaps in a top 11 list!), because I'm certain that the NIGP would think this guy was a moron too.

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