Monday, July 11, 2005

Replacing Sandy

I’m more than a bit tired of reading and hearing what the Left has to say regarding SDO’s resignation from the Supreme Court. To hear them speak – or read their words – one is led to believe that the union will dissolve if W does not nominate a “moderate”, “centrist”, “consensus pick”.

And this column by Charles Schumer is a wonderful illustration of the sentiment.

To give you a flavor of what I mean, here more than a few excerpts:

“[SDO’s retirement] offers an opportunity for President Bush to bring the country together; to unite rather than divide, and to allow the Senate to move on to addressing the bread-and-butter issues facing average Americans.”

“His [W’s] selection will have a lot to do with determining his legacy, and I hope that he will seize the day.”

“Both the process and the pick should reflect the American people's ideals of reasonableness, moderation and fair play.”

“[T]he President should consult meaningfully with senators of both parties to arrive at a consensus nominee.”

“I have proposed a summit, at Camp David or even over dinner, where the parties would roll up their sleeves, loosen their ties and have a serious discussion about potential nominees.”

“Because Justice O'Connor was the pivotal swing vote on so many vital issues, the President should take care to preserve balance on the court.”

“[The President] should select a mainstream, thoughtful pragmatist in the mold of O'Connor.”

Oh, piss on it you stupid git.

Schumer is a windbag who represents a party, an ideology, which has run out of power. They hold neither the Executive nor Legislative branch and are struggling to remain relevant.

They have yet to figure out that the people of this country are on to their game. There’s a reason newspapers are hemorrhaging readers and “Out of” Air America Radio can’t convince its employees to listen to the daily bilge.

Nobody is buying what they have to sell.

With the exception of the Clinton Blip, the Left has been handed its collective electoral ass for the last 25 years: An entire generation.

And Clinton only won because he talked, but not governed, more like a Republican than a Democrat.
So, now there’s an opening on the Supreme Court and the Left is flooding newspapers, blogs and radio imploring W to nominate someone who will maintain the “balance” SDO brought to the court.

When Marshall resigned in 1991they begged then President GHW Bush to fill his vacancy with a like-minded jurist.

Can I assume they’ll plead for the same when Chief Justice Rehnquist retires in the near future?

Will we hear the freak parade say, “Please, Mr. President, preserve the balance on the court by nominating a conservative from the Rehnquist mold.”

Don’t count on it. They’ll do all they can to make the court as wishy-washy as possible until they have the power to pack it with Ginsburg-type Lefties who they view as moderates.

Remember, in the view of the Left, the political/ideological spectrum starts at moderate and jumps immediately to radical Right Wingers.

They honestly believe, contrary to all evidence, that they are moderate, mainstream and that most of the country believes as they do.

Keep in mind; they are convinced that they continue to lose elections only because they have not been able to “get their message out.”

Dominating the courts is their only hope. If SCOTUS moves to the right they’ll have to focus their efforts on 50 individual states instead of one federal bench.

Diffusing their power can only be positive for individual freedom.

Now, a message to the gonad-free Bill Frist:

The Left is going to go to war over any, repeat ANY, nominee W puts forward. Unless you are up to the challenge, I suggest you resign now so the Republicans in the Senate have enough time to nominate and elect a Majority Leader who will fight Harry Reid and his merry band of Left Wingers.

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