Monday, August 01, 2005

Another Lefty tries broadcasting

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and…we’re on the air.

Sit back all you couch potatoes the day you’ve been waiting for is here. Presidential wood-be (get it WOOD-be, because he’s so damned stiff) Al Gore’s new cable television station, Current TV, is broadcasting into 20 million cable subscribing – and a few pirated – homes as of today.

But, even as the switch is thrown, there is already trouble in paradise. You see, when Al announced the formation Current TV, the Lefties were giddy with delight at the prospect of having a cable TV network through which to indoctrinate the mush-brained with their empty, idea-free rhetoric. Their delight, however, has turned to skepticism as the promised television utopia is turning out to be just another capitalist endeavor.

What, you ask, is causing trouble in paradise:

· Despite suspicions created by his former profession, Gore promises the network won't be advancing a political point of view, "It's not intended to be partisan in any way and not intended to be ideological." [What a blow to the Left. They were counting on Al carrying the radical water for them. Fear not, oh friends of socialism, I predict that, before this network dies a quick and painful death, they will be replaying most, if not all, of “Out of” Air America’s programming.]

· The initial enthusiasm that Josh Wolf, a 23-year-old filmmaker from San Francisco, felt for Current has cooled. Last year Current said it was going to hire 200 video journalists and give them low-cost equipment. Some 2,000 people applied, but Current abandoned the plan, causing some bad blood, he said. [Josh wanted his free stuff, damn it. I’ve never met young Josh, but I’m betting he survives primarily on NEA grants and had outs from rich Lefties who think he has promise.]

· Neuman said Gore decided the approach wasn't democratic enough; if he truly wanted to open Current up to everyone, it didn't make sense to create an elite 200. [No more welfare from Current TV. Now it’s open to everyone. Everyone who can afford the equipment, that is. I propose a “yellow camera” program that allows aspiring Current contributors to “borrow” the equipment they need and, when they’ve completed their Leftwing propaganda film, they can leave it in a convenient drop box for the next Leftie to use.]

· Current is also requiring its filmmakers to sign an agreement giving the network three months' exclusive use of material it has accepted for air. Leaders of the rapidly growing video blogging community have resisted, Wolf said. Those filmmakers most likely to fill Current's stable of independent contributors don't want to be told they can't use their best material on their own Web sites. [Hey, man, everything belongs to the community. The guys at Current are getting all hung up on private property. Have they forgotten where they come from? We do it for the good of the collective, man. Don’t go putting your artificial restrictions on me. My art will not be silenced.]

· The network, which had initially sought six months' exclusivity but softened after the complaints surfaced, is trying to balance satisfying these potential contributors while being able to give viewers something they can't see anywhere else, Neuman said. [Exclusivity is so bourgeois.]

· "We can't apologize for doing what we need to do to get this business off the ground," he said. [This is a business???!!! Shit, I thought it was a 512 dedicated to destroying Republicans and the Republican Party.]

· Only about 25 percent of Current's initial material is truly audience-generated; the rest has been done by staff members or solicited from professionals. That's disappointingly small to some people who bought into Current's utopian visions; Neuman said he expects more amateur contributions once the network is established. [So Current is going to feature amateur contributions, but can’t do that until the network is running smoothly driving viewership with professional content. Then they’ll pull most of the professional content, which viewers want to see, and replace third rate garbage from filmmaker wannabes. Great business model gang. Why don’t you buy huge blocks of airtime on stations all around the country? The losers at “Out of” Air America can assist you. Look how well it worked for them.

· "I have this sense that Current is not really looking for content that does not go in line with what their advertisers and investors are interested in seeing," he said. "It's still television that you can zone off to." [What a moron. It’s not about what advertisers and investors want, it’s about pulling as large an audience as possible and, therefore, providing with advertisers and investors with a return on their dollars. But, then, I don’t expect any Lefty to truly understand the basics of business – after all they come from the point of view that business is per se evil}

I think TV Al is going to go the way of Radio Al. Neither one has a future professions because neither understands their core audience.

These folks are hard-core Lefties that hate private industry. There’s a reason our local OOAA affiliate’s list of advertisers is made up primarily of unions and non-profit organizations. Not to mention that 950 AM solicits contributions – donations – to support the station.

This is a FOR PROFIT radio station that has to beg for money to stay on the air. Nice job Janet, I’m beginning to wonder if you really were successful at running your family business. You made the claim while losing to Mark Kennedy.

When TV Al finds his network is hemorrhaging money, perhaps he can solicit donations or maybe Radio Al can hook him up with a Boys and Girls Club that has a half-million to spare.

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