Thursday, August 18, 2005

Big Tobacco is at it again

Here come the lovers of the nanny state, asking “Big Government” to counter the actions of “Big Tobacco” for (legally) advertising it’s product.

The sanctimony that drips from this editorial is almost enough to make me vomit the partially ingested pork loin I ate for lunch. Not to mention the salad.

Have you ever seen lettuce in vomit? It’s really rather disgusting. One might even say, “Off-putting.” I saw lettuce-laced vomit just once and, I gotta tell ya, I couldn’t finish my own meal.

The fact that the vomit landed on my plate certainly played a role in my sudden loss of appetite, but I could have salvaged some of the chunks, my food not the vomit (although some of the vomit wasn’t so digested as to render it inedible), but decided I’d rather…humph…have another…humph…humph…I gotta…humph…go…I think I’m…humph…gonna....


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