Friday, August 19, 2005

Bizarro Foot?

I read the "editor's notes" to this post this morning, and besides laughing my (firm yet supple) ass off, I got a strange feeling:

NOTE: We here at C[lever] P[easantry] do not apologize to the residents of Hastings, Eagan, or Eden Prairie. We graduated H.S. from Bloomington Kennedy and we think you're nuts...with your fancy gyms, outside district recruiting, and overprivileged children.

Bite us. Bite us and our crappy sports teams.

NOTE TO NOTE: CP played in many a losing BK sporting event.

NOTE TO NOTE TO NOTE: You may have noticed some bitterness in the post.

NOTE TO NOTE TO NOTE TO NOTE: CP deals with the bitterness by taking his rich neighbor's 13-year old, Holy Angels attending, 120 pound child to school on a 8-foot b-ball rim.

NOTE TO NOTE TO NOTE TO NOTE TO NOTE: CP brings the funk on the two hand dunk.

This sounds like something I would write! But haven't. Although I have had the following haiku rattling around in my head for a while, but haven't found the appropriate time to publish it:

School is in session
"D" me up you little bitch
And I'll dunk on you.

What's stranger: CP's a lefty blog.

Is cleversponge my Bizarro World counterpart? Am I his?

And if so, does he write his haikus in a 7-5-7 pattern. Or is the Bizarro World version of haiku a sonnet?


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