Friday, August 19, 2005

Colleen Rowley for Congress

The former FBI agent, Time co-person of the year and, seeker of anonymity, was on Rosenbaum and O’Connell today on KSTP-AM 1500. A caller asked a three part question:

Do you agree with Cindy Sheehan that President Bush is the world’s biggest terrorist?
Do you agree with her statement the Israel should get out of Palestine?
Do you agree that it was an Israeli cabal that got the US into Iraq?

The response to each began with, “I wouldn’t choose those words…”

Oh, really. Tell me, Colleen, what words would you choose?

For a recent arrival on the political scene, she sure has picked up on one of the great tricks. To the untrained ear, it seems as though Ms. Rowley is disagreeing with Sheehan’s statements, but we know better. Don’t we KAR loyalists?

The would-be congress chick is actually saying, “Damn right I agree with Cindy, but I sure as hell can’t say that or my run for Congress will never get out of the gate.”

Either you agree with the Sheehan or you don’t. God, I hate it when people don’t answer a simple yes or no question with one of those two options.

You, Colleen, have just crossed over into the realm of a disingenuous politician who is more concerned with getting and keeping power than being truthful with your, in this case, potential constituents.

If you had provided a mealy-mouthed answer like that to a superior at the FBI, they would have dressed you down in front of whomever what around.

Try as you might this little sojourn will dog you through the 2006 election. You simply cannot attach yourself to the Sheehan Express as it goes off the cliff and expect to escape unscathed.

Have fun at Camp Casey, Colleen.

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