Friday, August 12, 2005

Conveniently Shifting Degrees of Skepticism

The story so far (just root through the past week's posts - No time for links):

I called Obsessive-Stalker-Loser (OSL) a self-important ninny for making an absurd blog posting that was written like (and was intended to be) a press release.

She responded that I was envious of all her traffic (and I still don't get the connection between my imagined envy and her hubris. But then if you've ever followed her droppings around the internet you'd know that she has a PhD in Cognitive Dissonance).

I pointed out via her site meter, that her stats were nothing to be envious about.

She asserted that I was bad at math since apparently the number "134" means "5479" on her planet.

Then she password protected her site meter.

KAR then began the Great Fake Internal Conflagration of '05. OSL bought it hook, line, sinker, pole, fisherman and boat, and used it to pillory Bill Dementee and me as being narrow minded party hacks.

Then KAR received the e-mail from Angie, and published her observations.

Meanwhile in Cleveland, Dementee got drunk and proposed a hostile takeover of NARN.

OSL immediately proclaimed Angie's e-mail to be a fake and hypothesized that it came from a staffer of Bachmann's who is also named "Angie". As everybody knows, there are only 4 or 5 people in the entire state with that name.

So lets break it down:

* Site meter says that her blog gets mediocre traffic: OSL is incredulous.

* KAR stages a meltdown that she can use to make us (mostly me) look bad: OSL buys it without further question.

* KAR receives an e-mail that pretty much let's the air out of one of her blog's two tricks: OSL is not only skeptical, she proclaims it a fake; offering no evidence to back that assertion.

Do you see a pattern here?

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