Friday, August 26, 2005

Defame & De Fortune, or: Slander Me Again and I'm Libel to Sue You

Swiftee posts on Checks and Balances' (link heretofore embargoed) followup to its brain turd yesterday. Go read it now.

Swiftee didn't mention the last line of C&B's "article," which was written in a teeny weenee font at the bottom of the page, where this Towle character is exhorting his fellow moonbats to lawyer themselves up and unleash the hounds of hell on MDE (emphasis mine):

It appears to us here at Checks & Balances that any enterprising individual who feels they have been defamed or misrepresented is well within their bounds to learn the name of the person who originally anonymously registered the above domain names and call for their public release.


Without getting into the finer points of the law of defamation / slander / libel, I will just enlighten Mr. Towle as to his situation regarding that law:

* MDE has said that because of his blog, he has received threats of violence, lawsuits, and arson to his home.

* Contrary to your assertion yesterday, Jerry Plagge is not MDE.

* Your assertion has put Plagge out in the open to the same threats that MDE has endured, although now the violent moonbats can use a phonebook to find his address and phone number.

* If you wish to use the "public figure" / "Public concern" argument, be advised your "research" and hastily reached conclusions fit quite neatly into the "reckless disregard for the truth" element of a defamatory tort.

But by all means: please keep writing about "slanderous" bloggers.

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