Friday, August 05, 2005

Hypocrisy runs rampant at the Star & Sickle

Did you read it, today’s editorial sewage from the S&S? What bilge, what swamp water, what rectal discharge.

The pointy-headed elites are so full of self-righteousness they’d can’t recognize how F$%# hypocritical they are.

One must read only one sentence, just one, do dismiss this collection of Lefties as the social-engineering, central-government-loving, pigs they are.

The offending line is in the following paragraph. See if you can recognize it.

We doubt the Edina and St. Paul churches have much to fear from an NRA boycott. But the NRA has millions of members, and if they heed the call to boycott ConocoPhillips, it could put a serious dent in the company's bottom line. All because the company had the temerity to exercise its right to file a lawsuit -- over a statute that infringes on its right to establish reasonable rules for use of its own private property. Silly us, we thought the NRA was big on personal rights.

Screw you, you freaking dirt bags. What the hell do you know about private property?

You encouraged, no, trumpeted the cause of banning smoking in privately owned bars and restaurants and, when the ban didn’t go exactly as you wished, you implored, begged, and cajoled the state to enact a state-wide ban to “level the playing field.”

Where was your concern about private property rights then?

Also, if you are so damned interested in private property rights, why have you not spoken out against the high-jacking of those rights by the Lefties on the Supreme Court in Kelo v. Connecticut?

Animal Farm is alive and well in Minneapolis: "All rights are equal, but some rights are more equal than others."

Have some balls, or whatever you might carry on your person, and make a consistent stand even if it does piss off your cocktail party friends.

I know it'll never happen because you care more about forcing people to live the way you deem proper to allowing them to live their lives without undo government intrusion. That, and you don't want to make the folks at the co-op angry.

What a sad, sad, daily rag this has become. You've taken a once-proud newspaper and turned the editorial page into a tabloid-like rant.

Irrelevant is the only way to describe what this newspaper has become.

This rag will no longer stain my front stoop.

Goodbye and good damned riddance.

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