Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I Am Invoking Moral Authority Rule Number 2

Oh look! District 196 wants anooooooooooooooother levy referendum:

Voters in the Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan school district likely are going to be hit up for more of their tax dollars at the ballot box this November.

District 196 administrators say they need additional property-tax money to stave off widespread teacher cuts and to keep the schools afloat after two years of frozen state funding, despite an increase to the general education formula approved by the Legislature this year.

Superintendent John Currie wants to bring referendums on three tax levies to voters this fall:

*A new 10-year, $500-per-pupil levy that would cost taxpayers more than $14 million annually.

*The renewal of a 10-year, $106-per-pupil levy originally approved in 1995. This would cost about $3 million annually.

*An eight-year extension of the existing $500-per-pupil levy that is set to expire after 2006.

"We are just trying to keep in place the programs we have going," [OK, that would explain the extensions, but what about the *new* $14 million levy? Jerk. -ed.] Currie said. "We're not talking about adding anything new. This is the reality of the situation we are in."

OK John, let's talk about the little reality that you've put taxpayers in:

You finally passed - a what? - $300 million levy in 2002. This was after threatening to cut bussing, and *just* before you serendipitously "discovered" millions of dollars just laying around.

You passed a bond issue during a referendum election that was suspiciously held in June 2004. Nifty time for an election, doncha think? Right when nobody (except for, of course, teachers administrators etc. who I'm sure got plenty of notice) is expecting it. Sneaky weasels.

The "reality" is, douchebag, that a lot of people who bought houses they thought were affordable 2 years ago, are coming to find that their ever-higher escrow payments are creating a brand new reality.

And now you want more money?

And don't even get me started on vouchers, you crapweasel.

CLOSED CIRCUIT TO FELLOW 196 RESIDENT ATOMIZER: Meet me at my place. Bring your special little "picnic basket". I'll supply the vermouth and olives. Then we can go to the Dist. 196 HQ on Diamond Path and barf on it.

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