Monday, August 08, 2005

I read the following in today’s S&S and decided that some Glenis Zempel of Minneapolis is in dire need of a life.

This poor individual simply cannot start his/her (I honestly don’t know which) day without the ever-popular 9-question quiz from Isaac Asimov.

How empty a life must this sorry soul lead to know his/her (I really don’t know) day is worthless without the morning coffee and a good brain-teaser.

Here’s the letter in its entirety:

Bring back 'Super Quiz'
Mornings at LBF Photography used to begin with coffee and Isaac Asimov's Super Quiz. The staff and clients gathered around in the kitchen, testing their knowledge of literature, geography, history, current events, sports and people. We each had our strengths and weaknesses, eagerly attempting to outsmart one another.
We would announce, "Super Quiz, quiz, quiz," over the loudspeakers to make sure everyone had an opportunity to participate.

Mornings just aren't the same at LBF (and I'm sure many other homes and businesses across the state) without the "Super Quiz" to begin our day. It woke up our brain cells and, paired with a cup of strong coffee and sugary doughnut, made us ready to begin a day of work once again.
[I hope the health-nazis don't read this]
Please bring back the "Super Quiz"!

Glenis Zempel, Minneapolis.

Yes, I bolded the parts I found especially interesting.

These people offer up a lot of power to a little quiz. Without it, the “strong coffee” and “sugary doughnut” are mere props.

My advice to Glenis and the others at LBF – GET A FREAKING LIFE, LOOSERS.

There are more important things in this world than a stupid little quiz in a Leftwing Newsrag.

For God’s sake, why don’t you try reading a book or, volunteering your time, or picking the lint from your toenails? Each is a more worthy pursuit than wrapping your life around a GD Super Quiz.


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