Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Iron Maiden Can Teach Us a Lot About How JB Doubtless Perpetuates Lies

Blood is freedom's stain. -IRON F**ING MAIDEN

Funny how JB Doubtless takes the word of a drugged out metal guitarist and a married-into-prominence publicity whore's word over the God of Metal's.

Sorry JB, they're lying to you. And you bought it pal.

How do I know?

Well first, I've got an eyewitness to Iron Maiden's historical rep in regard to America and conflagrations in the Middle East. I'll reprint it here because it has a nice shoving-JB's-nose-into-his-own-bullshit effect to it:

I saw them once, back in 1991 on the No Prayer For the Dying tour, during Operation Desert Storm. Someone in the front row handed Bruce [Dickinson] a very long banner. He looked at it, nodded his head, and hung it across the stacks of amplifiers for all to see. It said, SEND EDDIE TO F**K UP SADDAM. That got the biggest round of applause that night. I also remember Bruce introducing "Die With Your Boots On" by dedicating it to the troops and declaring that "If any Iron Maiden fans happen to be anti-war protestors, you can go f**k yourselves". What a great show. The music was good, too.

Second, I have it on good authority from National Review.

Let's see here... who to buy into?... a guy who gets drunk and fisks Bruce Springsteen songs, or John Miller from National Review Online.

I think I'll go with NRO on this one.

Oh, and during this year's Ozfest, didn't Ozzy try to perform "War Pigs" in front of a back drop comparing George Bush to Hitler (only to be nixed by drummer Bill Ward when he found out about it)? Why, yes. Yes he did.

If you look up gullible in the dictionary, it says: "YOU'VE JUST WON A LIMITED EDITION SHARON OZBOURNE FLAMING BULLSHIT I-POD!!"

More later, when my research guy gives me more info.

Until then: take it back JB. There's blog cred issues at stake here.


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