Friday, August 12, 2005

Is It Really Possible That Someone Can Be This Stupid?

OSL showing the tight logical reasoning she has become famous for:

Mitch, I am skeptical of that email because it's rather odd that the person would have waited 3 months to send an email about this.

Well, er, if OSL had have read the e-mail...

Especially the parts that say:

I saw your piece on the Sixth District [published last week -ed.] and followed some of your links.

and (emphasis mine):

In the last day I've read some of the coverage of this incident in some of the other "blogs" (Dump Bachmann, Eleventh Street, New Patriot, Kool-Aid, Shot In The Dark)...

Ya' know, maybe - just maybe - Angie the e-mailer wasn't reading any blogs that were talking about Bachmann "hiding" in bushes back in April. Maybe - and I realize this might be a stretch for certian tunnel-visioned self-promoting slime merchants - Angie saw the Head's "Disappointed" post, followed the links, rooted through some archives, and pieced the story together.

Naaaaaaaaaaaaw. Couldn't be, since everybody has been reading OSL's blog from the very beginning!

Silly me. Just never mind that I said anything.

Oh, and one other thing:

Secondly, the Kool Aid Report has posted fake comments on their site...

Uh, no. I will from time to time modify comments from the drooling morons that OSL points over here. But if OSL is talking about the commenter known as "anevafan": KAR has nothing to do with that. We actually think "anevafan" is a legitimate (as far as that term can go to describe OSL's ilk) Dumpster.

Not that anything I write would matter to her anyway. Hell she probably doesn't even read it.

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