Wednesday, August 10, 2005

It’s late, and I’m in Cleveland

I’ve been following the Head controversy from afar as I’ve been traveling the past few days helping maintain the free flow of revenue to the company that holds me in its employ.

I must say I am surprised and, yes, a bit intrigued by the reaction to the flogging the Head has taken. What’s best, however, are the sources of the reaction; the Elder and Mitch.

I am deeply honored that two bloggers, so respected by all, would take the time to respond to a KAR family tiff. So honored am I that, sniff sniff, I’m driven almost to tears.
Tears borne of the joy of knowing that we, my fellow KAR contributors, have hit the big time.

How big, you ask?

So big that, dare I say it, we should be given just a couple of the 12 broadcast hours NARN is so looking forward to. Not that they aren’t worthy of the time, but imagine the buzz that Foot, Bill and Dementee (I must be famous, I’m referring to myself in the third person) would cause at the Great Minnesota Get Toghether.

What do you say NARN? Are you willing to give up the microphones for a couple of hours to two rookies and Dementee (I’ve worked in radio – on air even)?

What say you, oh loyal KAR readers?

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