Monday, August 15, 2005

KAR Will No Longer Carry The LearnedFoot Super Quiz

A little over a week ago, the Strib scrapped the popular "Isaac Asimov's Super Quiz" from its comics page. The decision drew fire from goldbrick do-nothing low-level employees everywhere and from the Nihilist in Golf Pants. The Nihilist, heretofore not offended by the mind-numbingly offensive stances the Strib's editorial page often takes (though always content to complain about it), finally pulled the trigger and cancelled his subscription.

It now appears that it was all a clever gambit by the Strib to induce the Nihilist to cancel. My theory is that without the withering scrutiny the Nihilist imposes, the Strib is free to print even stupider and more offensive crap (see e.g., Syl Jones' latest steaming turd - insanely stupid even by Syl Jones standards.)

Now free from the specter of Nihilist's blogospheric wrath, the Strib now feels it is safe to run the Super Quiz once more. Given that there is often a disconnect between what people say and what they are really thinking in order to avoid undue conflict, I will include in brackets what the Strib's features editor really wanted to say, but couldn't, because of editorial decorum:

You've [Nihilist has] called. You've [Nihilist has] written. You've [Nihilist has] threatened, insulted and begged. We've heard. You like some of our changes, but not all.

Beginning Aug. 22, [Since we've finally gotten that annoying blogger off of our case] look for the following: Monday through Friday, we'll run both the bridge column and the Isaac Asimov Super Quiz. We also are glad [that Nihilist is no longer a subscriber, and] you're enjoying the addition of Sudoku, and we'll be increasing the grid size [as well as the stupidity gradient on the opinion pages.]

Thank you for your feedback, comments and praise. This was a wonderful reminder of what great readers we have [now that Nihilist no longer counts himself among them].

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