Saturday, August 06, 2005

LearnedFoot Declares an End to "Kinder Gentler" KAR

A little over a minute ago, I declared that KAR was changing it's tone. Well, that style-sheet has run its course. Back to Classic KAR.

Let's beat on Obsessive-Stalker-Loser some more.

Remember this post (be sure to read all the comments too - they're a hoot) where I exposed just how "popular" OSL's blog was?

Her counter to that was to call me Gangrenous Foot.


Her other response was to password-protect her site meter. Because, according to her, the site meter isn't an accurate reflection of the number of people that read her banal crap.

For someone who is constantly bashing religious people for their faith and ignorance of science, she sure puts a lot of faith in the large number of "readers" that don't show up on her site meter.


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