Sunday, August 07, 2005

Maybe We Should Change the Name of this Blog

You have got to be a world class idiot to try and mix it up with the first blog to successfully harness the awesome destructive power of the Starland Vocal Band.

But nobody ever accused Obsessive-Stalker-Loser of possessing anything that might be mistaken for "intellectual firepower".

Before we begin, closed circuit to OSL: you might want to become more familiar with the law of fair use. Copy-and-pasting entire blog-postings is not only lazy, but flirts with illegality as well.

So I'll pay OSL the courtesy she refuses to give others, go read and come back.


1) Whenever someone does to OSL what she does to Michele Bachmann every day, she calls it "whining". See just about anything she's ever written about Mitch Berg, whose blog she cleverly calls "Whine in the Dark".

2) "Fuzzy Math": Heh. If OSL and her drooling commenters arrive at a number other than .87% when they try to calculate what percentage of 15,143 132 is, then I am not the one with the math problem.

3) If by "fuzzy math" she means that her hypothesis of the size of her readership is way way larger than the objective evidence that the site meter provides, then I can do nothing more than simply call "bullshit".

4) OSL was banned for cross posting non-germane comments from Shot in the Dark. When faced with evidence and logic that blows her position out of the water, she changes the subject and pretends she never made the stupid assertion. It was like arguing with a 2 year old:

LF: Two plus two is four.

OSL: No it's not! Roller skates!

Besides, I'm not the only one who doesn't want her around.

Plus she was never funny. Unless you count the humor to be had from her obvious cluelessness.

5) I have no idea who "evafan" is. Sisyphus has denied being him / her, and I believe him. I will never ban evafan since she / he does a better caricature of the raving moonbats that read OSL's blog than I (or Sisyphus) ever could.

If you look through OSL's blog, you can see that she appears on the brink of a meltdown.

Who can blame her? She was so used to being the dog, it's pretty tough for her to handle being the fire hydrant.

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