Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A Message From the Managing Editor of KAR

Sometimes the Law of Unintended Consequences breaks in your favor. I'll explain.

A couple of days ago, the head of Alfredo Garcia wrote an innocuous piece about his displeasure with the candidates for the US House of Representatives in the Sixth district. Other than Fred da Head, none of us other KARsters actually give a rip about Sixth district politics. Oh sure, we'd like to see them send a non-moonbat to Congress, but that race isn't exactly high on our interests list - especially this early in the game. We KAR guys, being the churlish sorts that we are, saw an opening and decided to stage an internal flame war. Good drama and all that. I call it "blogging as performance art". A little humor at our own expense (as well as that of a rather annoying blogger who has been obsessed with us lately). It was pretty successful: lots of people were taken in by it. Even one of the big dogs.

So no, Bill, Dementee and I are not petty jerks, nor are we party hacks. Although, apparently we are freaks.

And the Head will be staying on. His status here was obviously never in jeopardy. Yes: KAR will continue to give you the Head! (I actually thought of that line first, Rew.)

But anyway, we were going to try to milk this thing for as far as we could take it. We wanted to see how the "story" developed organically; how many spears the Head could catch.

But then, as a result of the subject matter of our little "spat," some information came to light. Something rather interesting. Something that will put a relatively long-standing local "controversy" to rest. And there will be some blog cred implications for some.

After receiving this info, us 4 KARsters had a conclave (we all got along just fine), and decided that since the Head o' Fredo was at the center of our faux shitstorm, he should be the one to start the new, real one. Plus he deserves to have some fun for all the crap he's taken from us this week.

Stay tuned. Look for The Head's posting late this afternoon or early this evening.

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