Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Moron Mail

The syntax-challenged community checks in today:


A quick observation: whenever a letter to the editor begins with the word "so", it is a 99% certainty that what follows is a smug, self-satisfied and precious missive that implodes upon itself in a vacuum of clear thought.

the president is headed off of his Neverland ranch

"Neverland ranch". Precious.

to campaign for his war in Idaho and Utah.

WE'RE AT WAR IN IDAHO AND UTAH???!!!!!!!! Why hasn't the MSM covered this story? Did those bastard Canadians invade? Where's my gun? We must rush to the defense of our western squarish-shaped states!

Why not attend a forum in Minnesota or California or Illinois?

Or, a better question might be "Why attend a forum in Minnesota, California or Illinois?"

It is obvious that he has no logical answers to explain American deaths in Iraq.

Putting aside the obvious non sequitur here, there is a logical answer to explain American deaths in Iraq:

Animals who, in the name of "Islam," are indiscriminately killing peaceful people who merely want to get on with their lives and have a hand in their government. Americans are dying trying to eliminate these people whom some of you (not naming names here, Shel) seem to tolerate.

Sh3ld0n W!nn!g, Crystal.

There's your "logical answer" pal. Not that it hasn't been repeated over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again while nimrods like you (intelligent as I'm sure you think you are) still can't quite wrap your heads around it.

Of course it's difficult to wrap your head around anything when it's stuck so far up your butt.

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