Friday, August 19, 2005

Moron Sioux Mail

Wow, the intellect:

Easy when it's not you

The controversy over the NCAA ruling on nicknames alluding to Native Americans is very simply resolved.

Simply change the names of the teams to things like the Honkies, Whining Yuppies or the White Trash, and design cartoony logos depicting prissy, uptight or fat, sloppy Caucasians, and see if we still get people carping about "P.C. run amok."

You'll probably find that those who make the most disparaging remarks about political correctness do the loudest squawking when their own toes get stepped on.

K3v!n Daws0^,
Long Pond, Pa

I will pause a moment to allow readers to soak in this blindingly lucid logic.

OK. The premise here seems to be that "Fighting Sioux" is an insult on par with "white trash".

Because collegiate sports teams want to emulate the worst, the weakest, the most ignoble of society in the arena of competition.

So universities that carry Indian nicknames are actually deprecating themselves.

I wonder what anyone of Sioux or Seminole descent thinks of that:

"Fighting Sioux" = "White Trash"


I wonder what the equivalent of "Fighting Irish" is? "Effete Wiener", perhaps?

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