Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Oh, now I get it.

Dontcha just love it when a freedom hating moron tries to rationalize his position by creating analogies that have no basis in reality?

Meet today’s idiot: Drew Jansen of Golden Valley, Minnesota.

If you’re ever traveling through this Minneapolis suburb, you’ll know Drew by the drool bucket under his chin and his permanently crossed eyes and the spaceman bubble suit he wears to keep reality from entering his world.

Why so hard on poor Drew you ask? Read his contribution to yesterday’s Star & Sickle:

What it boils down to

I walk into a local dining establishment carrying a small vial of liquid. Countless scientific studies have shown that frequent exposure to this liquid measurably increases the risk of cancer and other diseases. Nonchalantly, I open the vial and proceed without permission to add a few drops to the food and beverages of all the diners in the restaurant. While a few people don't seem to mind the acrid aroma and flavor this liquid imparts to their meals and refreshments, many others find that their dinners are now ruined; some even begin to experience respiratory distress due to ingestion of the substance.

Am I within my rights to continue this behavior? Of course not. Yet others claim to have the right to do essentially the same thing when they light up a cigarette in a bar or restaurant.

Now tell me again why we should roll back the smoking ban rather than expand it statewide.

Drew Jansen, Golden Valley.

I’ll tell you why, Drew. Because your analogy is titanic-like in its buoyancy.

Ya see, Drew, there are some very big differences between a bar or restaurant allowing patrons to smoke – in the open where everyone can see it and, therefore, make their own decision as to whether they wish to say in that environment or go to a non-smoking joint, and slipping someone a Mickey.

You’re scenario talks about “without permission” adding your liquid to food and drink.

I may be wrong – I’m a marketing guy not a lawyer – but if you haul your lily-white butt into a bar or restaurant that allows smoking, you freely exposing yourself to the smoke which implies permission.

The latter is clearly a criminal act the former is one you wish to make criminal.

If you want a smoke-free pub to hang out in…BUILD IT.

Take the financial risk and start your own place that caters to the market you are so damned certain is there. But you won’t because you know there is no way the place would make it. You need the strong hand of government to “level the playing field” so everyone suffers equally.

What assholes you and your ilk are.

Why don’t you take your do-gooder mentality, your paternalistic pap and confine yourself to using it on your children.

Don’t tell me how to live my life or run my business you jerk-off.

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