Monday, August 15, 2005

Out Of Air America Minnesota

I’ve been to the web site and, wow, this is an organization on the move. Just check out the WEMUSINGS (all caps is amateur) as compiled by “your humble webmaster.”

I know most of you won’t click on the link, so let me give you a summary of what you would find:

· The comedy stylings of Will Durst are first on our stop. According to WEBMUSINGS (emphasis mine), “Mr. Durst shares his thoughts when the spirit moves him (usually about once a week), so check back often for new Durst Diatribes.” [The last submission was on June 23. If Will’s getting paid, he owes OOAAM for 7 weeks of work. Where are you, Will? Where’s the funny stuff? Have you run out of material the same way the Left has run out of ideas?]

· Next is the Nanocelebrity Theatre. The initial installment, dated February 26, 2005 is the only installment. The reason is quite obvious if you read the reason for the existence of this lame piece of cyber-crap: “If you ever helped an Air America host, do tell! Click on the Nanocelebrity Theatre star for details.” [you read right, if you've ever helped a host you have to let the people know, because the host certainly will not. Remember, in the world of the Socialist everything is community property]

· Then there’s the Webmasters’ Favorites. As if anyone gives a flying fart what this numb-nuts thinks is cool, he (I'm assuming gender) has given us a list of his favorite sites. In this case, however, there is but one listed: We Are Not Afraid. [That's it, millions and millions of sites out there and Chuckles the webmaster can only come up with one. The Kerry/Edwards site must have been taken down.]

It all makes sense; brainless programming and a worthless website go together like Boones Farm wine and Velveeta processed cheese food.

The webmaster calls himself “humble”, and for good reason. This guy must have gotten the job because he can spell Java Script and knows what the acronym HTML means.

The description of WEBMUSINGS sets the expectation that the material will be frequently updated, that one will want to check back often for new fun and exciting material. What a disappointment – kinda like the programming at OOAAM.

The NARN guys (radio monopolists that they are) refer to this train wreck as amateur radio.

I think that’s demeaning to amateur radio people everywhere.
Look for things to get better late this fall after OOAA management hits up Jerry's Kids for a loan. I'm betting the applicaiton will be filed shortly after Labor Day.

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