Friday, August 12, 2005

Proof positive that racism is dead

The great Sandy Stephens ticket flap is proof positive that racism is dead and buried, at least in Minnesota.

For those who might have missed it, the UofM decided to honor it’s greatest football players by printing faces and names on the tickets for each 2005 home game. Unfortunately, everyone who saw the ticket featuring Sandy Stephens failed to notice that his last name was misspelled, Stevens.

Idiotic, to be sure, but an illustration of racism?

According Mahmoud El-Kati, a retired Macalester College professor, it sure is:

"I can see black people being upset about that because it's who we are and what we are and where we are; that's the way it's always been," El-Kati said. "You can take Sandy Stephens and multiply the slight 1,000 times because of the general insensitivity toward African-Americans in society…My God, how do you misspell Sandy Stephens?"

This is the most insanely ridiculous piece of crap statement I’ve ever heard. To take a simple misspelling and turn it into a case of racism is proof positive that racism in Minnesota is dead.

If this is the best example El-Kati can come up with to illustrate that racism runs rampant through the state and country, he has too damned much time on his hands.

I know what our friends on the Left will say: “Even if it’s perceived racism, man, it’s still real. Everyone knows perception is reality, man.”

Oh shut the hell up. Perception is perception and reality is reality. Some times they are one in the same and sometimes not. In this case it’s not.

If El-Kati continues down this road I want him to produce proof – real proof, not perceived proof – that someone, make that everyone, who had a hand in proofreading the tickets purposefully misspelled Stephens’ name because he was black. Then I want him to explain why Carl Eller’s name was spelled correctly.

Last time I checked he is also black.

That was my perception, at least.

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