Friday, August 05, 2005

Pub Quiz Victory: A Statistical Breakdown

The preceding non-Trivia-Victory related rant by Dementee was brought to you by Right Guard Deodorant.

Right Guard: Anything less would be uncivilized.

Now back to KAR's continuing coverage of the big pub quiz win.

Some interesting numbers:

Yesterday was the 2nd Keegan's pub quiz LearnedFoot competed in, and his first win.

2 contests; 1 win = a .500 average. Not bad.

Interesting side note: for that one loss the Foot was teamed with Marcus and Jo. Last night, the usually rock-solid Sisyphus snubbed us Kool Aid guys and instead teamed up with Marcus and Jo. And lost.


Continuing with the stats:

Last night was V-Toed Bill's first time engaging in the trivia fray. He too was on the winning team.

1 contest; 1 win = a 1.00 average. Astounding!

Can you spell juggernaut?

No I'm serious - can you spell it? It's harder than "Chernobyl".

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