Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Reaction to OPG's Vigil

This would have qualified for Moron Mail, if only I knew what this guy was talking about:

Frederick Kagan's Aug. 15 commentary "Keep the troops in Iraq so we can finish the victory" shows that his head is in the sand.

He claims that "the insurgents in Iraq are not able to undertake militarily meaningful attacks on U.S. troops." Tell that to Cindy Sheehan and the other 1,800-plus mothers of fallen Americans.

J0e Cr@ven, E@g@n

Cindy who?

Well, I'm not informed enough about this Cindy person, so instead I'd like to share some of the voluminous comments KAR has received regarding our occasional guest blogger Obnoxious Packer Guy's protest at the end of Bob Slowik's driveway:

* What the hell is this moron doing? Doesn't he have a job? Does he honestly think he's more important or has something more valid to say than all those other suffering Packer fans? -Ted

* What a grandstanding jerk! I think that it is abominably cynical to use a family tragedy like a scared three year old wetting herself to stiffle the voices of those who think he is wrong, and to club a coach who was only trying to do the right thing by making the Packers' defense better. -Biff

* I feel sorry for OPG's family. - Trish

* Hey! OPG! Get a life! -Phil

* This attention monger's 15 minutes are up in 5...4...3... - Fred

* Typical Packer fan: Always going for the well-crafted publicity-mining spectacle rather than actually thinking about sound defensive strategies. - Bob

* Sheesh! Next you'll be telling me that Michael Moore is taking up his cause! -Frances


I bet they're all Vikings fans.

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