Thursday, August 11, 2005

Things Other Than Obscure Stats that Make Baseball Great...

...Like National Treasure Bob Uecker, the Milwaukee Brewers radio announcer. And his sidekick Jim Powell ain't half bad either.

During the postgame show yesterday, Uke and Powell found themselves with one last segment of airtime, and nothing else to say (paraphrased closely from memory):

Uke: You are listening to Brewers gameday on the Brewers Radio Network. Ben Sheets and the crew loosing a tough one today, three to nothing.


Uke: The Brew Crew has the day off tomorrow. So they won't be here. Jim and I will be here, practice if ya' wanna come down to the park and - I dunno - run the bases or something - we'd appreciate it.


Uke: What are you doing tomorow Jim?

Jim: Absolutely nothing.

Uke: That's great.


Jim: Well, I do have to wash your boat.

Uke: Oh yeah! You take care of that, buddy. It's sitting in about 6 feet of dirty water. I should probably use it sometime...

Jim: Yeah


Uke: Well, so long everybody...

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