Friday, August 05, 2005

Top 11 Reasons Team Learned Dogs Won Thursday Night Trivia

11. LearnedFoot stuck a potato into the tailpipe of Chad the Elder's car.

10. Five words: Skyrockets in flight...Afternoon delight

9. LearnedFoot stuck a potato in the tailpipe of St. Paul's car.

8. Sisyphus' snub of the Kool Aid Crew caused him to get temporarily sucked into the Karmic Vortex of Ignorance.

7. LearnedFoot stuck a potato in the tailpipe of Atomizer's car.

6. V-Toed Bill was in a trance, channeling Alex Trebec

5. Chad, St. Paul and Atomizer could not get to Keegan's because they were all too drunk to figure out that their cars were not starting because of the potatoes in their tail pipes.

4. Everybody was distracted because of our team's rugged good looks.

3. Only team drunk enough to decipher Marty Newton's syntax-free. convolutedly-worded questions.

2. Well motivated: second place prize was a Sisyphus thong(*):

1. We know stuff.

* Designed by the man himself.

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