Friday, August 05, 2005

We Rule. You Suck. Period.

KAR came into Keegan's last night like the Vandals we are, and dashed the hopes of many a trivia buff, walking away easily with First Place.

Team Learned Dogs, led with the quiet confidence of V-Toed Bill, and supported by the competent spelling skills of LearnedFoot, and the incomparable penmanship of the Freedom Dogs' Chief, easily cruised to victory.

Victory over Sisyphus, who just moments earlier snubbed team Kool Aid to play with a far, far inferior team. Victory over (from what we hear) Atomizer's dad. Victory. Sweet sweet victory.

And with 3 second guesses leading to wrong answers, plus a poorly phrased question which led us away from the correct answer (for the record a guilitine is an execution device, not an era), it could have been uglier. Much uglier.

Chalk it up to inexperience.

More to come...

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